Current Project
Detail of Contract
Adani Power Ltd. at Mundra under M/s Neo Structo Construction Ltd.
Fabrication & Erection of Material Handling System
Essar Construction India Limited
Essar-SEZ, Hazira, Surat
Fabrication & erection of CS/SS/AS piping & structure with slag blasting
Neo Structo Constroction Ltd
C/O Indian Oil Corpoation Ltd
Barauni refinery, Begusara, Bihar
Erection & alignment of reformer & IBR piping
Detail of Contract
Period of Contract
ESAAR-SEZ, Hazira Surat.
Slag blasting & painting of structure & piping in essar construction india limited
2007  -  2008
Reliance Petroleum Ltd., Motikhardi, Jamnagar
Fabrication & Erection of CS/SS/AS piping, structure & equipment erection in JRRP
2007  -  2008
Ram Trailer (Manf. Division)
Ichhapore GIDC, ONGC Road,
Ichhapore, Surat
Fabrication of transport trailer
2006  -  2007
Petron Engg. Constn. Ltd., IOCL, Gujarat Refinery, Baroda
Fire Proofing of Structure In MSQ of IOCL, Baroda
2005  -  2006
Petron Engg. Constn. Ltd., IOCL Gujarat Refinery, Baroda
Supply, Fabrication & Hot Deep Galvanizing of Grating - Qty - 100 Mt
2005  -  2006
Essar Construction Ltd., Hazira,  Surat
Fabrication of Shuttering Plate
2005  -  2006
HCE, Shell LNG Pvt. Ltd., Hazira
Fabrication & Erection of SS & CS Piping 
2005  -  2006
Cairn Energy (i) Ltd., Hazier C/o.  Janak Construction
Fabrication & Erection of Structure of Compressor  Shelter (215  MT) with provide steel, Design and  Drawing
2004  -  2005
Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.   IOCL Panipat Refinery
a) Fabrication of Rolling of Pipe & Tanks
b) Erection of Heat Exchanger
2004  -  2005
Petron Engg. Construction Ltd.,   LNG Site, Hazira
Fabrication  of   Pipe  Clamp  and  Pipe   Support  Structure  at  our  Workshop
2004  -  2005
Essar Steel Ltd., HBI Hazira,   Surat
Fabrication  & Erection  of  Piping  Work  at  Module - IV
2003  -  2004
Essar Construction ltd. Steel  Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.,    Hazira, Surat
Civil Works Such as Construction of Entry ECR & pump Houses Building  
2003  -  2004
Essar Construction ltd. Steel Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.,    Hazira, Surat
a) Fabrication & Erection Structural Work of Entry ECR and Central ECR Building
b) Fabrication of Shuttering  plat
2003  -  2004
Mather  &  Platt (I)  Ltd.  C/o. BPCL LPG bottling Plant  Bhatpore, Surat.
Fabrication,   Erection of  Equipment  of  Fire   Fighting  System
2003  -  2004
Puja Construction Co.,             C/o. BPCL LPG Bottling Plant,   Bhatpore, Surat.
Civil Works (Excavation - Making of tank foundation) Fabrication, Erection and Testing of Water Storage Tank - 02 Nos. Size 17.030  Dia  x  13.00 Mtr.  Heigh
2002  -  2003
Larsen & Toubro Ltd, (ECC Division), Surat Manor Tollway   Project Package - III, Talsari, Dahanu, Thane  (M. s. )
Construction of Culvertor, UCR and  all  types of  Civil Works, yellow Soil & Murrum Filling with   compaction & GB  spreading, Grading  & Compacting
2001  -  2003
ABG Shipyard ltd. Surat - Dumas  Road, Magdalla,  Surat
Fabrication And Assembling of Wind Mill Tower
2000  -  2001
M/s. Tolani Fabricator at SMC,Surat
Under laying of M.S pipeline for surat Municipal  Corporation, including expansion and back filling
1999  -  2000
M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (MSL Division) at GIPCL, Naninaroli, Mangrol,  Surat
Piping  And structural  Works
1998  -  1999
M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (MSL Division) at GIPCL,  Naninaroli, Mangrol, Surat
Unloading of Structural and Plants at GIPCL Site,  Naninaroli
1998  -  1999
M/s. Paherpur Cooling Towers  Ltd.
Fabrication   of   Shuttering   Frame  for   M/s.  Enron  Site, Dhabol (Maharashtra)
1997-  1998
M/s. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd.,GIPCL
Fabrication and Erection of Hot Water Piping  and  Miscellaneous works of Cooling   Towers
1997  -  1998
AICAM Engg. Ltd., C /o. Lloyd  Steel Industries Ltd.
FabricatIon   and  Erection   of  30"  Flare  Line  and  Tank  Area  Pipeline  with Structural  Work at KRU Site,  ONGC,  Hagi
1996  -  1997
M/s. Paharpur Cooling  Towers Ltd.
Fabrication, Rolling and Erection  of  Pipeline  and  Structural work  of  Water  Treatment Plant, Treatment  Plant,  including  Hot  Water Piping  of  Cooling  Towers  at  ONGC Expansion  Phase- III  ONGC,  Hazira,   Surat
1995  -  1996